Infrared Camera Scan

An IR camera is a good way to see what's hot and what's not. It will show you where you are losing heat, such as an attic hatch or around windows and doors. This way you can take steps to stop paying to heat the outside. 

And, an IR camera will show you how 'hot' your electronics are and how they might be unknowingly (and unnecessarily) burning a hole in your finances. It's a great tool to help reduce energy waste and get to know your home. 

Project Management for Energy Upgrades

Having been through the process, we know it can be overwhelming trying to prioritize what to do first and contacting various contractors. There is a learning curve in doing something new, and we can be an independent consultant on your side to help keep things moving along smoothly. 

Energy Coaching

Okay, we promise we won't use a coach's whistle on you. But we will go around your home with you and point out products you could switch in or out and ways to change how you use certain items (like fans) to cut energy use. We will also send you a report suggesting next steps to consider. There will be a section on 'low hanging fruit', which are easy to pick and 'higher-up fruit', which is harder to reach (and a little more expensive), but is worth going after... All of it tastes sweet!  

​​​Fruitfull Energy

Services & Products to help you... Reduce the Juice 

Reduce the Juice!

Energy-saving Product Installation

We bring a mini-hardware store to people's homes. If switching out or installing an item can help cut energy waste, then we can do it on the spot. All of the products are priced similar to Amazon prices or local hardware stores, but are ready to install right away.

We also install pipe insulation and have carbon monoxide and smoke detectors available for purchase. (The LED light bulbs we use do not have an apple in them, but we wish they did.)