Who is PattyTashiro?
She is the founder of Fruitfull Energy, a certified Building Performance Institute energy auditor and a member of the South Burlington Energy Committee. She has a degree in Finance and teases that she is the CFO of her own home, so she knows the value of money and the long-term benefit of cutting expenses.

She oversaw the weatherization upgrades of her family’s home and did some of the work herself, including finishing off the crawl space! (Here she is posing with the vapor barrier she used for the crawl space... Ask her about the mice when you book a visit.) She loves installing pipe insulation and tank wrap… even if it’s in the dungeon of a building!  

What is Fruitfull Energy?

An independent energy consultancy that offers in-home assessments, project management for weatherization upgrades, and installation of low-cost energy-saving products to help you reduce energy waste.

In-home assessments are done with an infrared camera and Kill-A-Watt meters, but do not use a blower door or test combustion equipment. Our assessments are a good first step on the path toward reducing your energy use. We will help you as you navigate the often confusing, decision-making process, as you proceed on your energy upgrade journey!  

Our goal is to help you...

​​​​What is Fruitfull Energy's background? 
Since registering for business in January 2015, Fruitfull Energy has been growing steadily. In June, we started providing energy coaching and direct installs for qualifying customers of Burlington Electric and Vermont Gas. And in September, we started assisting with the Energy Champ Challenge, an energy-saving program targeting landlords in Burlington.

The idea for Fruitfull Energy came out of planning meetings for the South Burlington Energy Prize, a $5 million, nationwide energy-saving competition among 50 cities. Keith Epstein, an Energy Committee member, had the idea of offering energy assessments with direct installs, to give residents some quick wins and start them on the journey toward energy efficiency. An important offering would be to also focus on reducing electric use, an under-served niche in the market.  

Fruitfull Energy is a proud sponsor of the South Burlington Energy Prize, as well as a member of the South Burlington Business Association.

What makes Fruitfull Energy unique?

  • We are independent. We do not sell weatherization services, equipment, or solar panels. Our advice is solely to help you ‘reduce the juice’.
  • We look at electricity, as well as fuel use. Most energy auditors focus on fuel use as it relates to the shell of your home and your equipment.
  • We offer low-cost direct installs, such as high-efficiency shower heads and advanced power-strips, to help you stop wasting energy (and money!) from the time of our assessment.​

Most customers recoup the cost of an assessment within 3 to 6 months due to increased energy savings.

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